Title:I Close My Eyes

Artist: Shivaree

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okay politics, education and tons of stuff are literally shit, in my country

but i miss it like crazy

Question:  I love your 'meet Candice Swanepoel' gifset. So perfect. Love love love. I had to fangirl a little. Beautiful!


Aww, I love you anon, thanks a lot! ^^


nothing is impossible when the pirates of the caribbean theme plays in the background 

i posted a set and lost like 5 followers

Question:  Can u do a 'meet' rosie? pls?


i will try

meet candice swanepoel, inspired by (x)

Question:  hey can you please make 1 or 2 500px gifs of Barbara Palvin? I really love your edits they're simply stunning, I luv them!


Thank you, I’ll post it on gifdolls if I decide to make one or two :*

Question:  Hi, do you know any good tumblr that makes manips?


No sorry :3